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15 Top Telugu Movies | List of Best IMDb Rated Telugu Movies of All Time | Updated 2021

    Tollywood entertains people with many movies of different zones every year. An average of 100-150 movies gets released in a year including big movies to small ones. Some become a hit, some blockbuster and some flop too. Here are the top-rated movies of the decade ie latest

    Top Telugu Movies

    Here the Top Telugu Movies of all time :

    Nuvvu Naku Nachchav8.2
    Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya8.1
    Aa Naluguru8.0
    Bahubali 2: The conclusion8.0
    Pelli choopulu7.9
    Arjun Reddy7.9
    Bahubali: The beginning7.8
    1. Jersey

    Jersey is a movie which inspires you to achieve your goal. The sports-based film is the best made inspirational film in Telugu. It includes love and bonding between a father and son. Jersey is the story about a 30-year-old man who wants to start the second innings of his sports career to remain as a winner at least in his son’s vision. The movie is a pure emotional entertainer. Few scenes will make you cry and few inspire. Jersey is one of the best movies ever made in Tollywood. 

    1. Nuvvu Naku Nachchav

    A comedy family drama which makes you laugh aloud. Nuvvu Naku Nachchav is a milestone in the Telugu movie industry. It showed how a movie can entertain people with dialogues especially comedy. Nuvvu Naku Nachchav is a big star film then, but keeping the trend of mass that Tollywood usually has this movie is a pure pack of laughter. 

    1. Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya

    Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya is a movie which came with fewer expectations and less known cast and crew. The movie is very suggestible if you want to watch a detective story with thriller and comedy mostly. The consequences of a person and his assistant while searching in a case is shown in the film. Comedy and suspense makes you feel stuck to the screen

    1. Mahanati

    Mahanati is a tribute to Savitri. Savitri is an Indian actress who was born in Telugu states. The movie is the life story of Savitri. The movie-making, screenplay, music, direction, dialogues everything made mahanati an epic film that Tollywood could remember.

    1. Aa Naluguru

    A man who thinks more about others than family. The plot is treating everyone as a family. You need to have at least four people who think good for you when you are on death bed. It’s the basic idea of the film. The film is an unforgettable one in the Telugu movie industry.

    1. Bommarillu

    Bommarillu is a movie which shows perspectives of children, basically youth towards parents and parents towards children. The basic plot is about decision making, which parents won’t let them do independently. This is a family entertainer which even entertains today. The movie attracted youth more. 

    1. Bahubali 2: The conclusion

    Bahubali is a milestone in changing Telugu cinema vision. It proved that a Telugu film can get international recognition. The film is a milestone not only to the Telugu film industry but also to all other upcoming industries. The massive sets, fight sequences, story, music and every aspect that a person needs to stick to the screen are present in the film

    1. Pelli choopulu

    Pelli choopulu is a natural going film. Unlike other Telugu movies, it became a trademark of not having massive fights and big dialogue to make the audience come to theatres. Pelli choopulu is a love and youth story which shows the problems that every youth has, how they want to become independent and make something for themselves.

    1. Rangasthalam

    Rangasthalam is a film that thrashed box office records. The movie story involves how people were treated in villages during the 1970s where zamindari rule is more. Rangasthalam became a trendsetting film that gave belief that the main lead of film could have disabilities and even a hero, which is quite a task to do

    1. Arjun Reddy

    Arjun Reddy changed the perspective of Telugu movies which is limited to romantic subjects. Arjun Reddy is a romantic love story which says that love lives in souls even if people are apart. 

    1. Evaru

    Evaru is a suspense thriller which has many jaw dropping scenes. You will get fooled by watching the film. It is a brain game played with a lady who wants to play with another one. The suspense thriller is quite interesting.

    1. Drushyam

    Drushyam is a remake film from Malayalam, but the story still makes noise amongst the audience. Drushyam is a suspense thriller film which focuses on a father who wants to save his daughter from a murder case which she does accidentally.

    1. Bahubali: The beginning

    As I said, Bahubali is a milestone in changing Telugu cinema vision. It proved that a Telugu film can get international recognition. The film is a milestone not only to the Telugu film industry but also to all other upcoming industries. Every frame is well made with massive sets, fight sequences. The story, music and every aspect that a movie needs to make people stick to the screen are present in the film

    1. Oopiri

    Oopiri means breathe. Adding happiness to a paralysed life is what an oopiri movie is about. The comedy, emotional scenes will make you feel fresh and begin a new life where everyone is rightful to have peace and happiness in life. Making a person who can’t take breath from inside ie to have happiness, 

    1. Brochevarevarura

    Brochevarevarura movie has three stories which are interlinked to each other. A group of three high school students who want to save their friend from tuition teacher harassment will send her to a

     city with some money to fulfil her dreams. But that turns into a big blunder after she gets kidnapped by some other people. The movie is a comedy thriller which also focuses on parenting and child abusement.

    These are some of the top Telugu Movies, I have listed above if you think any movies left simply you can comment below. 

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