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Vaanku Malayalam Movie Review: A Revolutionary Story

    This movie depicts the story of an Islamic girl who goes through certain lengths to fulfil her wishes of reciting the Islamic prayer, Azaan. She wants to do this before her student life ends. As expected though, orthodox forces try to suppress her wishes. The story narrates what happens next. 

    The debut film by Kavya Prakash takes on a different note, in fact a bold one. In order to take up a religious topic and lead it with that of a woman is quite a courageous move, even in this industry. On top of that, the angle of homosexual relationships is another brave message to send. 

    Raziya is a Muslim student in an university who wishes to recite the Azaan, an Islamic prayer which can only be chanted by men. All hell breaks loose and it showcases a very rough and valid truth of society. The way the actor breathes life into the character is commendable.

    As a debutant director, Prakash has done a great job and there is a good grip on the story. It shows a good deal about women dependent on men due to early marriages and their sheer submissiveness and what effects because of all these. The characters are strewn in an ever so beautiful way and it is really inspirational to see such a powerful persona , even in the motion pictures. 

    The only minus points in the film can be counted as they are so less. Some scenes so feel a little bit away from reality and in some places it seems the editing could have been better. 


    All in all, the movie is a good watch and broadcasts a message for all the womankind to stop being silent and express their wishes and rights too. It also hints at some societal restrictions which can easily be removed to establish a progressive world.

    Rating: 4/5

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