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Sreekaram Movie Review: A Failed Shot At Being Great

    If you want a movie day with your family, you can choose this one to see. The movie embarks on quite a journey by ideating a concept which is not discussed or thought about a lot of times. But the overall concept is quite familiar. Let me give a more detailed analysis of this. 

    The story depicts the life of Karthik ( Sharwanand) who hails from a poor farmer’s family and works in an IT firm. He is a man with a plan, who is working in an IT firm but actually wants to address the problems in his village and help the farmers gain a better status. Basically the messiah saves the day story. 

    Karthik tries to bring up the ideas of saving the farmers to his boss in an ever-polite manner and even bags the Best Employee award ( easy like that). He is the also tried to be seduced by his female colleague, Chaitra but like every messiah, he resists. 

    The movie had started off with a very good idea in mind but fails to deliver it on the screens. The facts are not always bordering on reality, logical reasoning seems to be lost and the characters ( other than Karthi, of course) is not so well-written. It is mentionable about Kishore Reddy to come up with a concept like this and to bring up the farmers issue. 

    However, the solution of modern joint farming that he proposes, is not quite portrayed as the way in reality. On top of that, the character of Chaitra is really poorly written with its only job to fawn over the male character and invoke the love angle. This makes it extremely unnecessary for the character to even exist in the film. The music by Michael. J. Meyer is good and the climax does shine among the rest of the film. 

    Sharwanand always delivers a good performance. In fact all the characters do a good job in making the film. And yes, the second half of the film is better than the first , considering you keep your expectations low. All in all, the movie does have a good idea, storyline but can only be regarded as good and not great for some missing parts here and there.

    Sreekaram Movie Rating: 2.7/5

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