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Varthamanam Movie Review: An Enraged Opinion For The Public

    It’s not a comedy movie. It’s not a horror movie. It’s not a family drama. It’s a simple movie with a strong message and an equally impactful climax. That is, my friend, Varthamanam, in a nutshell for you.

    Varthamanam Movie Review

    Faiza Sufiya is a secular idealistic girl who hails from the family of a freedom fighter and goes to Delhi to attain her doctorate. However, the political scenario in the university clashes with her beliefs and thus starts the conflicts which are portrayed across the movie.

    The male and female leads deliver great performances as expected. The music is very subtle but keeping in tone with the movie. The screenplay and editing is good. What makes it great? The idea and the execution.

    The movie does not make us laugh or cry. It reminds us what the political scenario is, how freedom of speech leads to a conflict between several communities,even if you belong to one of them. It reminds us of the victims of fascist movements , the Hindutva propositions and the Gauraksha Gang. The movie raises questions in the layman’s mind.

    The director, Sidhartha Siva does a great job in making such a movie which jolts the audience’s conscience. The political genre is not an easy one to adapt into a story and he, as well as the writer, Aryadan Shoukath does a great job in telling such a story. Even when this movie faced so many obstacles on its way by the censor board and was also called “anti-national” by others , it did not stoop down. Instead it showed us, the masses, what a great film comprises.


    In the ending scene Faiza asks the audience a question and the screen goes dark. The climax reverberates as the audience is slowly made to realise what a great movie Varthamanam is.

    Rating: 4.6/5

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