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Tsunami Malayalam Movie Review: A One Time Watch Comedy

    Presenting the Tsunami Malayalam Movie Review…

    Yes, it’s a two hour long comedy that rests on the principle of making a mountain out of a molehill. What follows in the lieu of a small incident at the beginning is what makes the movie.

    Tsunami Malayalam Movie Review

    The movie starts off with Bobby meeting a young woman under well, quite embarrassing circumstances. It makes him highly perturbed and his brain keeps on thinking about how to handle such a situation. The family gets involved in the process and it leads to certain drama on the screen.

    It makes one wonder, is it actually true that people do make a big tantrum out of certain small things ? How much can a person overthink? And does overthinking really lead you to take drastic steps? 

    It’s a good movie even if you think about taking your family along. It’s no doubt entertaining and some parts are even relatable. However, the monotony gets to you after a while and you might as well be thinking what made you choose two hours of a loosely spun story. The acting is average and so is the music.


    As a one time watch, it’s good for watching. The comedy is refreshing and gives one an average experience after a tiring day. But of course it’s not the first choice if you are looking for a great movie.

    Rating: 4/5

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