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Gaali Sampath Movie Review: An Experiment Of Telugu Film Industry

    What’s really commendable is Annish Krishna’s audacity to experiment with big names on a screen. The Telugu movie industry has a real calling in new ideas and movies like these. However, what saddens the heart is when such a thought does not get recognized as much as it should be due some detailing problems. 

    Gaali Sampath starts off with the story of a partially mute man who I want to be an actor. However, his condition comes in the way and this irks the villagers . His son, Suri is a man pursuing his own dreams but gets hindered by his father when the latter falls in trouble. Thus starts a clash between the father and son and the rest of the story is built on how they survive such inter familiar troubles. 

    The clash between a father and son is a classic and some of the scenes are really engaging. In one scene where there is a huge strife following the fact that Suri’s marriage gets stopped because of his father, his father even falls in a well. All of these are certainly entertaining. 

    The story can be viewed from Suri’s perspective as well. He is a person who has his own targets to achieve. And his father having his own goals and creating problems is just creating a headache which perturbed him for the moment. But then again , it’s his father at the end of the day and so he does not alienate him altogether. 

    The story is well spun and explores a different genre while engaging audience in the drama. But the characters are not too strongly sculpted and the drama does not really reach your heart. But the actors do their best to deliver their finest. Somehow, something appears missing. 

    It’s a bold move on the part of the director to explore such a genre. Unfortunately though, the movie fails to hit the bull eye exactly. But on on an average scale it is good to watch. If you are searching for something different , this is the one for you.

    Rating: 4/5

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