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Love Life And Pakodi Movie Review: Where Is The Pakodi?

    The IMDb rated 9.4 movie is a showcase of a concept which has been touched upon by many directors in the past. The movie portrays love in today’s world and modern day relationships.

    The story starts off with the introduction to two millennials, Arun (Karthik Rebba) and Rheya ( Sanchita Poonacha) who meet by chance. They soon find out their similar interest in getting involved in a no strings attached relationship and thus embark on a journey together. Everything goes well until  Arun realises, deep within, he wishes for something more and not just a non committed relationship. However, Rheya does not arrive at the same realisation, as a result of which, there arises complications between the “couple”. How they overcome all of these is what makes the movie.

    Its quite a common genre and the classic romance is a topic loved by all. However, this film does not feel like one close to the heart because of certain things. One, the film carries a serious note throughout and thus the comedy angle is somehow lost. The audience loves a good romcom but apparently, the comedy part is not existing here. There were obvious chances to introduce a lot of other accessories in the film but the writer chose not to.

    This brings me to the second point, monotony. Sometimes the dialogues are a bit too long and might make people fidget around and look at their watches. The narration is cliched and kind of boring after a while. The movie is bent upon sending a message which could have been projected in a more lively way, if it could have been tried. 

    And lastly , there is an unnecessary relation to food in the name which is not there in the core story. All in all, what could have made an actual hit like OK Kanmani passes off as just an average story.

    Rating: 3/5

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