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Jathi Ratnalu Movie Review: A Blockbuster Movie Which Didn’t Need Superstars

    If you are looking for a breath of fresh air and a relaxing movie, this is the one for you. Filled with comedy, Jathi Ratnalu by Anudeep KV proves that big names and the A list of actors need not always be associated to create a hit film. 

    The film begins with the story of Srikanth (Naveen Polishetty) who works in his father’s emporium but wants to move out and make a new life of his own. He is accompanied by his two unemployed friends, Shekhar (Priyadarshi) and Ravi ( Rahul Ramakrishna). They have quite fun personas as well. Shekhar loves anything “rice” or related to it since he was born to the sound of a pressure cooker whistle and Ravi is a continuing to be an alcoholic. All of them move to the city to find rented houses where they meet Chitti (Faria Abdullah). Chitti now falls for Srikanth but before their love story can bloom, the three are framed in a crime case involving a sports minister and goes to jail.

    The story revolves around the rest and how they come out of jail and faces a bunch of obstacles. You get it, the story is not that much of a head turner and neither are the superstars so famous enough. It’s not the loose storyline but the sheer comedy which worked as the philosopher’s stone for this movie. The continuous one liners would surely put you out of breath after some time and once it even seems repetitive. But lets face it, comedy during such dire times is like eating an ice cream on a hot summer afternoon. 

    The movie rated 8.6 by IMDb had a budget of 4 crores INR. It gained a whopping 46 crores INR after it hit theatres. It is said the theatres were full from day 1 and the audience enjoyed the comedy drama as much as any film. 

    To be very honest the movie does not have a lot of action or a mentionable soundtrack or superstars to root for. You just take the risk, go into the theatres and end up enjoying two and a half hours of comedy. 

    It’s light and new. For any comedy lover, it would be quite a hoot. Even for those who are not, well you can give it a try. This might be the beginning of your journey on comedy .

    Oh and there’s cameo performances by Brahmanandan and Keerthy Suresh. Need I tell you more how much you are going to laugh now?

    Rating: 2.8/5

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