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Mirugaa Movie Review: Interesting Idea but fails to Drive the Attentions of Audience

    Mirugaa Movie Review
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    There’s a serial killer. There’s blackmail. There’s a tiger. Now Join the dots. And you get Mirugaa. 

    This is one of those movies with tremendous potential. There’s An intricate storyline where there is the presence of a serial killer. There is a blackmailer who uses him to get to the former’s sister and kill her to obtain the property. However, there is also a man eating tiger where the property lies. All of this opens up nice story angles and different ways to write a story that will blow away the audience’s mind. But, it didn’t happen so in this case. 

    The performances on the part of the actors are brilliant. It is wonderful to see Srikanth back on screen and Raai Lakshmi is the epitome of grace and emotions. She delivers a promising act and seems to be the only element holding the plot together. 

    Now, comes the tiger. While some might think it is a bit strange to have the presence of an animal as a lead, it is also quite interesting and irks a certain curiosity in the onlookers. But that’s where the film fails terribly. The VFX was not at all onpoint and the climax certainly seemed to be more like a cat and mouse chase more than a hunting sequence. At one point it gets very repetitive and thus steals all the interest from watchers. 

    J. Parthiban could have made a real capital out of this film since we don’t see animals a lot in lead. It provides quite the enigmatic angle to a movie. But the promise gets broken very soon along with the hearts of cinephiles. The story leaves at a very nonchalant climax and by the end it does not influence or impact the minds of the watchers.

    The soundtrack by Arul Dev is good enough and so are the dialogues and metaphors. The movie, like said before, starts off with a promise which gets quickly lost in the mob of loosely written characters and failed execution of the screenplay.

    Rating: 2.5/5

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