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Best Malayalam Movies of 2020 | Top 30 List of Best Malayalam Movies of 2020

    Malayalam industry delivers at least two to three movies a week. Malayalam industry is known for versatility, freshness, a new story and clean movies. Malayalam industry is known for innovative ideas in the Indian movie industry.

    There are many Malayalam movies of 2020. Despite the corona attack, Malayalam industry never failed to deliver new ideas and stories via OTT.

    Here is the list of top 30 Malayalam movies of 2020:

    MovieRelease Date
    Maarjaara Oru Kalluvachu Nuna03/01/2020
    Kuttiyappanum Daivadhootharum03/01/2020
    Anjaam Pathira10/01/2020
    Big Brother16/01/2020
    AI Mallu17/01/2020
    Cochin Shadhi At Chennai 0324/01/2020
    The Kung Fu Master24/01/2020
    Gauthamante Radham31/01/2020
    Mariyam Bannu Vilakoothi31/01/2020
    Oru Vadakkan Pennu31/01/2020
    Ayyapanum Koshiyum07/02/2020
    Varane Avashyamund07/02/2020
    Paapam Cheyyathavar Kalleriyatte21/02/2020
    Bhoomiyile Manohara Swakaryam28/02/2020
    Love FM28/02/2020
    2 States06/03/2020
    Kilometres and kilometres31/08/2020
    Halal Love Story15/10/2020
    1. Dhamaka

    Dhamaka is a movie that makes you rethink the things that we all are carrying since ages. Like traditions, languages, ageism etc. The movie makes you think of what should be considered to live. Though the story is not new you can watch for a change. Nikki Galrani, Noori Shereef, Urvashi and Dharmajan played in some important roles. it is one of the best Malayalam Movies of 2020.

    1. Thallumpidi

    This is a movie which shows bonding between three friends. Thallampudi is a movie that concentrates on change in the life of three friends and their interests. This is a contemporary story. Prajin Pratap and Devi Ajith are the main leads of the film

    1. Maarjaara Oru Kalluvachu Nuna

    Vihaan, Abhiram and Tini Tom played important roles in the film

    Maarjaara Oru Kalluvachu is a comedy, mystery, fantasy, crime story. This movie is based on Ahalya’s Moksha. The modern version of Ahalya’s Moksha is shown in the movie.

    1. Kuttiyappanum Daivadhootharum

    Kuttiyappanum Daivadhootharum is a story which is narrated by a director who came to a book launching function. He reads the book called “kuttiyappanum Daivadhootharum”. The book is a story of an auto rikshaw river and passenger who narrates each other’s story and find similar and how their stories are woven together

    1. Anjaam Pathira

    The movie is quite big as Kunchacko Boban is on the board. The film revolves around the storyline of kicking off violence, but the question is why should someone forgive for massive mistakes. The movie is a sensitive story. You may like it if you like new stories.

    1. Big Brother

    Big Brother is a most awaited movie for Malayalam fans as the main lead is Mohanlal and Siddique directed. The veteran director made some lag in showing the heroism in the male lead so it became somewhat lag but yes good to watch once. It is a story of a prisoner who got released and wants a peaceful life with his family, soon his past attacks his present. What happens then what will our hero do is the story.

    1. Uriyadi

    Uriyadi is a story that revolves around the consequences after a theft happens in the police station. Uriyadi is a good going thriller film. A J Varghese directed Uriyadi. The movie also has comedy elements. The script and story make you stick to the screen. Aju Sreenivasan is the main lead of the film

    1. AI Mallu

    The movie focuses on different visions towards men and women. Though the movie has much lag if you consider watching a comedy movie, AI. Mallu is advisable. The story is weak and flaws are more.

    1. Shylock

    For those who don’t know Mammootty, he is Malayalam Megastar. Shylock is a pure Mammootty hero film. The story plots Mammootty as a boss who is a money lender. He faces a guy who refuses to pay his money back and messes with his boss. The remaining story is how the boss will get his money back and know the reason why the guy purposely messes with the hero.

    1. Cochin Shadhi At Chennai 03

    Cochin Shadhi At Chennai 03 is a social mirror. It is Directed by Manjith Divakar. Cochin Shadhi At Chennai 03 mainly concentrates on the things that people should give immediate attention and change should happen immediately.

    1. The Kung Fu Master

    The Kung Fu Master is a movie directed by Abrid Shine. Generally, we expect a concept based film from this director. But the movie weakens in the story and the bonding in two siblings is shown without any strong things.

    1. Anvesham

    Anvesham is a good film in recent times. It is a new genre film. Anvesham is called a search. The movie revolves around murder mystery of children who were found dead in a house which was once beautiful homely heaven. Anvesham is a thread of consequences that policemen try to find the mystery behind the murder.

    1. Gauthamante Radham

    Dream of owning a car is the ultimate thing that anyone in this generation would have. Gauthamante Radham is a movie which has a story that revolves around buying a car despite all the odds in his way and own a car to fulfil his dreams.

    1. Mariyam Bannu Vilakoothi

    It is only Malayalam movies that makes you feel I too have this experience! This is the same type of film. The film is about friends who want to smoke a cigarette when they stay as paying guests in someone’s home.

    1. Oru Vadakkan Pennu

    Oru Vadakkan Pennu is a Malayalam movie which shows the story of a young north Indian woman who has a daughter. She reaches Kerala in search of her love. The movie is a combination of consequences she faced after reaching here. It is all situation based film. Vijay Babu, Anjali Nair, Sona played some important roles in the film

    1. Ayyapanum Koshiyum

    Ayyapanum Koshiyum is a movie which is one of the most anticipated movies that has full entertainment because of Prithviraj. The movie script is good enough. The movie revolves around the clash between police and a drunkard.

    1. Varane Avashyamund

    Varane Avashyamund is a film that is based on four life’s having connected together as they reside in the same apartment. The movie is fresh going and has a good message of kindness and love. Dulquar Salman, Kalyani Priyadarshini, Shobhana and Suresh are the four pillars of the movie around whom the plot revolves

    1. Trance

    The Fahadh and Nazriya starer Trance is talk of the town during the lockdown times. It is one of the best movies which shows the dark side of groupism, religionism and true faces of some influencers. The movie is an eye-opening key to people who blindly trust others with just words.

    1. Paapam Cheyyathavar Kalleriyatte

    Paapam Cheyyathavar Kalleriyatte is a movie that tries to plot the relationship between two families who will come to know more when they fix marriage for their children. The story takes a turn when families get to know each other on the engagement day

    1. Bhoomiyile Manohara Swakaryam

    Deepak and Prayaga’s Bhoomiyile Manohara Swakaryam is a love story. The movie connects people who love stories. The story is about the love between two people who belong to other caste or other religion.

    1. Forensic

    Forensic is a Malayalam movie which is more anticipated during the lockdown in South India because of the story. Finding The mystery behind the murders ie serial killings makes the plot more interesting

    1. Isha

    Kishore Satya and Margret Antony’s Isha is a message-oriented movie. It shows the worst things women experience like harassment and sexual assault. The story is not a new one to the industry. It had some flaws in terms of screening like makeup and background.

    1. Love FM

    Love FM is a love story that ends up tragically. The movie shows the effect of the love story by parents or lovers on the next generation. Love FM is a tragical love story which has fresh elements and new points involved. Sarath Appani, Anju Sasi, Malavika starer Love FM is well received from everyone

    1. Kozhipporu

    Kozhipporu is a more south Indian film. The plot revolves around two good friends who parts after an accident. Indrani and Veena Nandakumar played as the main leads of films. The bonding between two neighbour friends is shown good and can expect good feel when the friends depart.

    1. Varkey

    Varkey is a comedy thriller. Drishya Dinesh and Samad Sulaiman starer Varkey needs more concentration from the audience as there are many brain twisters and plots where one should keep a keen concentration. It has its flaws but entertains in whole.

    1. 2 States

    2 States is a comedy family entertainer. The movie is set in a village of Kerala State. It’s not a new story. A guy who lives in the village with his father and grandfather falls in love with a girl who came to the village for a visit. The consequences are well brewed in the film. Comedy is the main attraction of the film.

    1. Kappela

    Kappela is another “in talks” movie. Kappela is a love story with commercial elements which are not much commercial. The movie revolves around Jessy who accidentally calls a guy and they fall in love. When they decide to meet at a place they find another guy who enters the scene and from then their lives change into a nightmare.

    1. Kilometres and kilometres

    Kilometres and Kilometres is a Tovino Thomas film. So you can expect the story. It’s a new reach on the old concept of building good relations, healthy environment with a bunch of comedy scenes. You will enjoy the movie thoroughly.

    1. Halal Love Story

    Indrajit Sukumaran and Joju George starer Halal Love story is a not a new plot but new reach to define love. The movie involves people’s take on inter-caste love and inter-religion love

    1. Love

    Love is not a new concept like two people hating each other but marry for a reason and then love grows between them. Shine Tom Chacko and Rajisha Vijayan are the main leads of the movie.

    People enjoyed 2020 even though there is a lockdown. Movie lovers were not disappointed because the Malayalam film industry would never compromise in giving new stories with new content and fresh plots. Though many of the movies took OTT they ultimately entertained Malayalam audience with new concepts and experiments. These are the 30 movies released in 2020.

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