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Ranam Movie Review (Detroit Crossing): Sometimes Second Chance is too Costly

    Searching for a nice Action movie which has the mixture of romance, revenge and action, then Ranam is the movie for you. The movie is setting a new benchmark for Malayalam action movies.
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    Ranam Movie Review
    Ranam Movie Review

    Ranam Cast

    Prithviraj Sukumaran Aadhi
    RahmanDamodar Ratnam
    Isha Talwar Seema
    Mathew ArunAju,
    Celine JosephDeepika,
    Ashwin KumarSelvan
    Giju JohnDetective Ahmed Siddique
    Shyamaprasad Chandran,
    Shivajith Padmanabhan Rajan Kuriakose
    Justin DavidSean
    Santhosh KeezhattoorAadhi’s father

    Movie Synopsis

    It is the story of Ааdhi, а drug deаler in Detrоit, yearns tо live а new life sniррing аll his underwоrld соnneсtiоns. Ааdhi,  who  had  thought  there  wаs  nо  оne  whom  he  should  саrе  аbоut,  is  nоw  griррed  by  а  сertаin  feаr  it is the  feаr  оf  losing  his  loved  оnes.  The wаr then begins.  Will Ааdhi mаnаge tо get оut оf this underwоrld trар?

    Ranam Movie Review

    Ranam is a fascinating tale of ‘that vital man in the gang’ who wants to leave his gang forever. To live a new life away from all the crime. This crime drama is directed by the newbie Nirmal Sahdev. Well there are some scenes that are a tad bit cliché.

    Here Prithviraj is playing the role of Aadhi, he is a skilled actor, his acting, the punch lines timing are right on point, the dialogue delivery and his attitude as the gangster can make you fall in love with him all over again.

    Hero won’t be a hero without having a powerful opponent. We are talking about Villain and that role is played by Rahaman as Damodar Ratnam. Talking about his acting you might get a cold vibe which is necessary as per the villain role in the movie. His acting is on point as well as dialogue delivery is also awesome. Isha Talwar at some point falls flat, and also doesn’t look convincing to her character.

    The cinematography is amazing and the music fits right in. These Lights and music combination Makes the movie more interesting. Jack Bejoy did an amazing job in composing music. We have talked about the Lights and camera now it’s time for the action. Well the storyline gets a bit cliché as the rivalry is involved, but then again, it purely depends on the person who is watching it.

    Ranam Movie Review & Rating – 3/5

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