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Operation Java Movie Review: A Story About The Unsung Heroes

    This thriller is a story about the cyber crime department and portrays real life based cases. The story shows us about the ones who are continuously saving our lives from all kinds of threats, the cyber angle being depicted here.

    Operation Java Movie Review
    Operation Java Movie Review

    The investigation starts off with a case in Kochi which continues for a year and a half but gets closed. The case is reopened when two unemployed youths, Anthony and Vinay Dasan provide important insight on the case which the cyber police had not thought of before. Thus begins the journey of this duo as they bust cyber rackets one after another with the help of the police.

    Debutant director Tharun Moorthy shows a very relatable angle through the two unemployed youths who although have a degree, have no job and hence join the police team out of job requirement. It also shows the angle of cyber crime which is rampant in our country during such times and poses a common threat to all. 

    There is an assortment of brilliant actors who deliver their best performances. Balu Varghese and Lukman , both give great performances while their supporting cast Irshad, Shine Tom Chacko, Binu Pappu, Alexander Prasanth, Vinitha Koshy and Vinayakan, are also mentionable. The cinematography is brilliant indeed and the action sequences add to the thrill of the main plot. The music by Jakes Bejoy is quite good as well.


    The movie is quite engaging in its turn of events and keeps the audience hooked. The new angles that have been explored also gives a much needed freshness which is appreciated by all. It is quite a good movie to watch if you are looking for a thriller without too much raw and gruesome scenes in it.

    Rating: 4/5

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