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Black Coffee Movie Review: A Good But Confusing Watch

    Here’s a movie about Cook Babu from Salt n’ Pepper of 2011. He has adjustment issues with Kalidasasn after his marriage which leads him to move out and find a job as a cook for four women in an apartment.

    Black Coffee Movie Review
    Black Coffee Movie Review

    Will he return to Kalidasan again?

    It’s a sequel from the 2011 film. However, this film which is written by Orna Bose, who also appears in the film and has a script by Baburaj fails to deliver its best. Black Coffee , somewhere forgets what the plot is exactly about and kind of spins off the story track. The drama becomes a tad bit overwhelming after a while and the flat lighting does not help .

    The writing pattern kind of beats around the bush. None of the characters are well built and do not resonate with the audience at a deeper level. Yes, the single ladies making a living in a tough world is a good angle but director Ashiq Abu does not delve that much into developing on that. Towards the middle of the film, there is a story about one of the characters, Malavika which provides some light on what the movie is actually about. 

    The stars deliver a performance , but I am not sure how to comment on that. Some have a stiff presence on screen while others are just hovering around prettily. While Lal and Shwetha Menon both have extended cameo performances, the whole performance of all the cast is not at par.

    While the 2011 film set high standards for the actors, this one evidently lowers them.


    It is quite disappointing to see such a sequel , especially one which has so much expectation from the audience fail like this . The movie is a good watch if you have not watched the first film but if you have , please do shed all your forecast and then go and watch it. Better still, take a look at the trailer first and then decide if it’s worth your time.

    Rating: 3.9/5

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