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The Priest Movie Review: A Horror Lover’s Must Watch in 2021 | Updated

    Megastar Mammotty’s first collaboration with Manju Warrier is marked by this film. This film had been set to release on March 4 but got postponed due to several factors about the release. It finally released on March 11th and brought a great story for the audience.

    The Priest Movie Review
    The Priest Movie Review

    Mammootty is a priest detective who investigates a series of suicides that happen in a family. He is approached by a family member after which the whole investigation starts.

    The film is intriguing, engaging and brilliant in its own ways.With a script by Shyam Menon and Deepu Pradeep, this movie starts off on a simple note. Although the suicide angle might be a trigger warning for some. However, it not so swiftly moves on to the actual plot with a few twists in between. The answers are provided quite nicely though. Once before the interval, and once in the second part the movie winds in ways that can be regarded as non predictable for the audience.

    The protagonist, like always, has a great screen presence. Even Manju Warrier delivers a strong performance. The music is quite good but what begs mention is the sound team. The creaky and scary sounds which mostly build up the horror atmosphere is the best part along with the editing and effects which is seen during the exorcisms. Both these teams excel in their works.

    What’s bad? Well, at one point,it might seem that the story is a tad bit too long and it really was not necessary. But sitting through those long moments will take you to the answer that you most certainly will crave for after seeing the plot. 


    Yes, it’s a movie worth watching. Yes, it has a great performance by Mammootty. Yes, it’s a horror film. What else are you waiting for? Every sign is pretty positive and do give it a watch , especially if you like horror thrillers.

    Rating: 3.7/5

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