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Paaru Movie Review, Cast, Crew and Recent News 2021

    Aren’t you bored of watching all that comedy and drama movie? If yes, then you must watch an inspiring movie. There is very less making of an inspiring movie, but not to worry to make your march better ‘Paaru’ is here. It was released on 26 March. 

    Paaru Movie Review

    Here we are going to review ‘Paaru’. It is a Kannada movie directed by Hanamanthu Poojaar. But let’s meet their cast and crew.

    Paaru Movie Cast

    Hithaishi PoojarActor
    Mailari PoojarActor
    Master PrasadActor

    Paaru Movie Crew

    Hanamanthu PoojarDirector, Lyricist, Screenplay, Cinematographer
    AT RavishMusician
    Shiva Kumar SwamyEditor


    Рааru  is  аn  insрiring  tаle  оf  аn  аmbitiоus  сhild  nаmed  Рааru,  whо  lives  in  роverty.  She  аims  tо  асhieve  her  dreаm  with  the  helр  оf  а  рersоn  whоm  she  sаved  in  аn  ассident.

    Paaru Movie Review

     Paaru is an inspirational movie which is directed by Hanamanthu Poojar. He is also a lyricist, screenplay writer and cinematographer. It is co-produced by C.N Gowramma. To add the touch of music is done by AT ravish, he has done a great job to make the movie livelier. 

    The acting was fantastic, which can have touched one heart, be sure to take a few tissues in your hand, achieve the dream she has to fight… let’s join her in this journey of achieving her dreams.

    Paaru is releasing this 26 march, 2021, make sure you go and watch this beautiful inspiring story.  

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