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Baaram Tamil Movie Review: A Hard-Hitting Social Drama 2020

    Baaram Tamil Movie Review: A Hard-Hitting Social Drama


    Baaram is a Tamil social drama film directed and produced by Priya Krishnaswamy. The film was completed in 2018 and has traveled and toured various film festivals for the past two years and has finally got a theatrical release on 21st February 2020.

    It also has won the Best Tamil Feature Film in 66th National Film Awards. the stars are R Raju, Jayalakshmi, Supa Muthukumar and Sugumar Shamnugam in lead roles.

    And Iit is produced by the “Reckless Roses” production house. Let us give a detailed review of the film.

    Baaram Movie Synopsis:

    Karuppasamy [R Raju] a widowed night watchman lives with his sister Menmoli [Jayalakshmi] and his nephews Veera, Murugan and Mani in a small town down south in Tamil Nadu.

    But when an accident damages his hip, his son [SuPa Muthukumar] chooses “Thalaikoothal” a mercy killing ritual rather than curing his father. After the death of Karuppasamy Veera [Sugumar Shanmugam], Karuppasamy’s nephew and a journalist delve deep into the practice of the ritual and why it is done by families?

    Baaram Movie Dissection:

    The story, screenplay dialogues all are written by Priya Krishnaswamy with additional inputs from Rakav Mirdath. The story is quite new and exposes a very dangerous ritual and tradition which is practiced in rural South India.

    It serves as a hard-hitting guide to the ritual of Thalaikoothal. What is Thalaikoothal? How it is performed? Are there varieties in Thalaikoothal? Every question related to the infamous ritual is answered realistically and in a raw way by the makers of the film.

    The film’s screenplay moves more like a docu-drama than a film, with its leisurely pace and hard-hitting facts the screenplay too takes its own sweet time.

    But afterward, you get absorbed and moved by the hard-hitting screenplay which exposes some of the most wicked truths about traditions and how the practitioners take advantage of the loopholes in the constitution? The film makes you rethink the stand of mercy killings comparing it to cold-blooded murder and why it is a very inhuman practice ?.

    The film is set in a small town down south of Tamil Nadu and Rakav Mirdath’s original and authentic dialogues work largely.

    It also helps to build a real-world that the film wants us to go and also manages to blur the line between fiction and reality. The short duration of the film works as a great advantage.

    Baaram Movie Performances:

    R.Raju as Karuppasamy steals the show with his understated and raw performance, his acting, especially in emotional scenes, is brilliant.

    Jayalakshmi as Karuppasamy’s sister Menmoli also acts well in her role. She performs her scenes with the utmost ease.

    Sugumar Shanmugam as Veera takes the story forward and plays a very important part in the narrative structure of the film. The way he acts in this film is amazing.

    Supa Muthukumar as Senthil the inhuman son of Karuppasamy makes his performance effective. He makes you hate his character and question our beliefs that ‘ How can a Son do like this to father? ’, ‘ Does he have any conscience left ?’. Overall his performance is well defined.

    Other actors lend able support and need to be appreciated for their real and raw acting.

    Direction, Technical and Other Departments:

    Direction by Priya Krishnaswamy is stellar. She keeps you hooked most of the time due to her deft and intelligent direction. She introduces realism in the drama and gives the film a documentary feel to understand the seriousness of the issue of mercy killing in which she has passed with flying colors.

    Music and Background score by Ved Nair is amazing. All the songs of the film are soulful, mellow and act as soothing melodies. The background score is equally hard-hitting with minimal and effective use of it.

    Cinematography by Jayanth Madhavan also helps in establishing the real feel which is necessary for the film to give a hard-hitting effect.

    Editing by Priya Krishnaswamy is again sharp and slick with only relevant cuts and effects.

    Overall Baaram is to date one of the best Tamil films to be released in 2020. Kudos to Priya Krishnaswamy and her cast and crew for bringing an important issue to light.

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