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Draupathi Tamil Movie Review: Casteist Propaganda Wrapped in loud Entertainment

    Draupathi Tamil Movie Review: Casteist Propaganda wrapped in loud entertainment


    Mohan G’s second directorial venture Draupathi is one of the most controversial films released this year. The film stars Richard Rishi, Sheela Rajkumar, Karunas in the lead roles. Lena, Nishant, Seshu, Karna, Jeeva Ravi, etc in the supporting cast.

    The film released on 28 February 2020 under the GM Film Corporation banner. What makes the film different is that the film is entirely crowdfunded. Let us give a detailed review of the film

    Draupathi Movie Review Synopsis:

    Rudra Prabhakaran (Richard Rishi) is a murder convict out on bail. It is believed that he has killed his wife Draupathi (Sheela Rajkumar) and her cousin Lakshmi to save his caste’s honor. At the same time, various murders are happening in the city of people who are believed to be from a lower caste and duping women for marriage.

    There is also a documentary filmmaker making a documentary on the fake marriage cartels while there is also a police officer behind the killer?

    Is it Rudra Prabhakaran who is doing these crimes? On whose instructions are these murders are taking place? Did Rudra Prabhakaran kill Draupathi ? forms the crux of the plot of the film.

    Draupathi Movie Dissection:

    The story, screenplay, and dialogues are written by the director Mohan G. Although the story sheds light on a major practice i. e Fake Marriage Cartels” the film has a lot of loopholes in its drama. 

    Although some dialogues evoke sensationalism in terms of points. Mohan G has also got his facts straight up with a focus on how these fake marriage cartels operate. How the upper and privileged castes suffer? 

    The film tries to portray the Dalit community as villains which is seriously the main problem with the film.

    The film is made only with a single-minded narrative wherein the upper castes are shown in good light and the lower castes in a negative light.

    With victimization and humiliation of the lower castes done in our nation, with recently a case of a BJP MLA not being allowed to enter in the temple because of his caste, this film comes across casteist propaganda with the lower castes have shown as out and out evil while the upper castes as virtuous beings.

    If the film had shown both sides of the narrative then it would be a film talking about an issue that has been neglected in the mainstream of Tamil Nadu. Because of its one-sided narrative, it stops from an issue-based rural drama to a casteist propaganda piece.

    Draupathi Tamil Movie Review Performances:

    Richard Rishi as Rudra Prabhakaran fits the bill of a rural man as well as a revenge-seeking convict. In both the shades of the role he has performed well and it will be a major boost in his cinema career.

    Sheela Rajkumar in the titular role as Draupathi has acted well, she is the center of attraction of the whole film. Her performance at times seems a bit forced but since the film turns a bit melodramatic it helps the film to an extent.

    Karunas in his small appearance as Guru Thevar is effective in his role.

    Soundarya Nanjundan as Raniya the documentary filmmaker is splendid in her debut performance.

    Nishanth as the police officer solving the murders is ineffective largely due to less importance is given to his character.

    Karna as the antagonist is outstanding, through his actions he proves that he is one of the rising actors that could make a mark on the Tamil industry.

    Other cast members are relative newcomers and have done a good job with their roles.

    Direction, Technical and Other Departments:

    Direction by Mohan G is good but inconsistent at places. The places where hard-hitting points and facts are stated and are ably directed by him.

    Music by Jubin is good and comes as a relief in the film. The soothing songs help in calming the film’s tone.

    Cinematography by Manoj Narayan is effective with a shade of red and dark colors present in every scene.

    Editing by Devaraj S is alright with slick although the film could have been shorter with some unnecessary scenes.

    Overall Draupathi is a technically sound film with good performances with negative messaging and stereotyping.

    Overall Draupathi Tamil Movie Review Rating By Southfans :


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