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God Father Tamil movie review: Could have been a Solid Thriller 2020

    God Father Tamil movie review: Could have been a Solid Thriller


    God Father is a Tamil action thriller film directed by Jegan Radhakrishnan. It is produced by First Clap and Ajith Vasudevan.

    The film stars cinematographer turned actor Nataraja Subramaniam a. k. Natty, Veteran actor Lal, Ananya Nair, Ashwath Ashokkumar are the major cast of the film. The film was released on 21st February 2020 Let us give a detailed review of the film.

    God Father Movie Synopsis:

    Adhiyamaan (Nataraja Subramaniam) is an ordinary working-class professional living with his wife Mithra (Ananya Nair) and his son Arjun (Ashwath Ashokkumar). Maruthusingam (Lal) a dreaded gangster wants a heart donor urgently for his son’s heart transplant. After difficulty finding a donor.

    He finds a donor in the form of Arjun who has the matching heart and blood group. How does Adhiyamaan try to save his family’s life from Maruthusingam?

    God Father Movie Dissection:

    The story, screenplay, and dialogues are written by Jegan Rajshekhar. The film though has a solid and juicy plot for a thriller but the screenplay and dialogues are quite a letdown. The execution is lopsided with the screenplay being unconvincing. at several places.

    Although on paper it’s a very solid script but there a lot of logical loopholes in the screenplay that it looks unconvincing. It looks that the audience wants to like the film but due to inconsistencies it becomes a bit far fetched.

    There are general establishing scenes of Adhiyaman being a family man and Marudhusingam being a ruthless gangster. Also, there is a symbolism of the names Adhiya’maan’ means Deer and Maruthusingam mean ‘Lion’ which feels integral to the plot.

    If Jegan Radhakrishnan has paid more attention to the script it would have been a pulpy and very smart thriller.

    God Father Movie Performances:

    Ace cinematographer turned actor Nataraja Subramaniamdeviates from his usual roles and plays a family man Adhiyamaan perfectly. He also does action convincingly and impresses us. After a long time, Nataraja Subramaniam has got a notable role in a film with a better script.

    Ananya Nair as Mithra also is seen in films after a long time and acts well.

    Ashwath Ashokkumar as Arjun continues to impress the audiences.

    Lal is a seasoned actor and performer and does his job convincingly as the villain Maruthusingam.

    Other performances too are good and enjoyable.

    Direction, Technical and Other Department:

    Direction by Jegan Radhakrishnan is good considering his handling of a script like this, which is a bit lopsided.

    Music by Naviin Ravindran is functional. It adds nothing to the drama although his background score is alright.

    Cinematography by N. Shanmugasundaram is good with dark green and a bluish tone that sets the atmosphere right.

    Editing by Bhuvan Srinivasan is top-notch. With slick and neatly cut visuals.

    Overall the film has an amazing concept for a strong thriller. But due to lackluster execution, it doesn’t create a major impact.

    Overall God Father Tamil Movie Review Rating By Southfans :


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