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MASTER Movie Box Office COLLECTIONS on Release Date January, 13

    MASTER Movie Box Office COLLECTIONS…

    Master is an Indian Tamil movie screened all over India and distributed even in other countries. It is released on January 13, 2021, in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala and Karnataka. And the Hindi version is releasing on January 14, 2021

    There are mixed reviews for the film. But the response from south India and other countries is overwhelming and the collections will blow your mind.

    A movie can manage to get half-century crores in a single day worldwide and sometimes more if there is a brand called Thalapathy Vijay on it. This is what happens for the last six years.

    And the same happened this time, irrespective of reviews and flaws in the film it grossed a huge amount in Tamilnadu and Kerala in day one.

    Master Movie

    Tamil Nadu:

    Master collected in massive number in Tamilnadu as there is more number of Tamil audience. It is said that Master collected 1.1 crores in just Chennai City. Master collected ₹27 crores over Tamilnadu in just one day with 50% occupancy.

    It entered into top 5 first day grosses of Tamil Nadu. Among 5, 4 were Vijay’s movies Sarkar, Bigil and Mersal.

    Telugu States(Andhrapradesh and Telangana):

    According to sources, In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the following are collections:

    1.49 crores in Nizam, 1.1 crores in Ceeded, 83 lakhs in Vizag, 56 lakhs in West Godavari, 48 lakhs in East Godavari, 67 lakhs in Guntur, 36 lakhs in Krishna, 25 lakhs in Nellore.

    Day one share in AP and TS is 10.5 crores and it’s more than 80% recovery in the first day itself. The distributor share in two Telugu states is ₹6 crores whereas the investment is ₹9 crores.

    The movie will get into a safe zone in just two days

    Other Countries:

    In Australia and New Zealand the box office collections in day one are:

    Aus – A$265,000

    NZ – NZ$59,000

    Karnataka and Kerala:

    The movie went beyond expectations and grossed ₹6.5 crores which is quite more than expected

    Tamil Nadu₹24 crores
    Andhrapradesh and Telangana₹10.5 crores
    Kerala₹4.5 crores
    Karnataka₹2.25 crores
    Rest of India₹1 crore
    Total₹42 crores plus

    Here are why Master Movie Box Office Collections blow mind?

    The first reason is Vijay. Master became 2nd top opening collector in Tamil Nadu. Master joined the club.

    With just 50% occupancy everywhere, Master is creating history in Tamilnadu movie industry. This happened for all the previously released Vijay’s film

    Another reason is Sethupathi, yes Bhavani. His screen presence and violent mannerism make you just stick to the seats and doesn’t allow you to move from the seats.

    At some point it makes you think that Sethupathi is ruling the movie. But yes, Thalapathy has his scenes that make you think that he can act more like natural.

    Like Thalapathy Vijay who always gives screen presence as a superhero and highly responsible citizen, yes people like him like that. But Lokesh showed the first half Vijay as a brutal drunkard like who don’t have self-control who drinks all night which is quite unusual as he said.

    But also the audience can’t expect more from the movie as it has flaws and lag scenes

    So as per the above calculations despite pandemic and having an unusual release, Master is creating history in Indian Box Office.

    Well, there is a far way for Tamilnadu box office because of massive bookings, heavy collections, celebrations. It’s a casual thing that Thalapathy Vijay‘s movie joins 100 crore club in less than one week and most of the Tamilians evidenced it but during the pandemic? Let’s see will Master joins ₹100 crore club in one week?